Saturday, June 12, 2010

Gnar Wall

We did it again!!

Hermann thanks the 6 workers who helped pour the new wall in the minibowl on Thursday.

Everything worked out great!!

We placed the coping on Friday morning....

Just after we took our first turns.

The coping on this new wall traveled from 3 corners of North America to meet it's final resting place here at Hermann's Hole.

We started it off with a corner stone gnar block from a" Katrina Pool" that was driven up from Mississippi by Chris Williams.

Then there are 2 nice radius blocks from "National Pool Tile" in San Diego, California... And 1 beautiful Penrose stone from the same region.

Also we locked down 2 buttery blocks from Tedder Stone outta Northern Oregon. Go order your coping on www.tedderstone.com or you can get some at Shrunken Head Board Shop in Portland, OR.

And the last block on the new wall is from and undisclosed location right here in St. Louis, Missouri. It's an interesting mix!!

Thanks again to Show Me Pools, Soup, Cameron Jones & The General for coming out to work.. It wasn't any of their first concrete pours at Hermann's Hole. They have had their membership cards for a while now!! To find out how you can earn yours email hermannshole@yahoo.com