Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hermann's other Skate Park

Damascus Road is a Private Owned Non-Profit Organization in Hermann Missouri... They have ramps to skate in the gym of the old Hermann High School... A great spot for us to help keep up for our cold Winters.. Check them out and we will see you skating here this winter.

(General Brian Patton attended High School here back in the 1990s)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Night Rasper

A night in the Hole with Jeff Rasp....

Is there anything he can't do??

Jeff has "Wizzard Status" which allows him to make people help grab on his grinds.

Go to http://parksideskateboards.com/video/199 for footage of Jeff skating here at night.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Willkommen bei Skate Camp!!

Señor Jeremías Truckens camiones a través de la cubierta de la unrideable Torcano ... Loco conductores nocturnos!

Wenig Manny ist nur 10 Jahre alt, aber er kann bleiben und zerkleinern die ganze Nacht!

Zac Delcortivo può essere un coglione ubriaco, ma lui sa bene come far festa con una coda Crail dolce!

JP Kraus właściciel Hole to starać, aby uzyskać najlepsze 12am szlifować przy 215!

Is é an fear ceamara Adamn McKee i gcampa scátála Nigth uair a liopaí fear Sizzla meán oíche!

ثم هناك مات بيم ويسكونسن المتداول إلى الأسطوانة مرة أخرى... عمل عظيم Beardo!

Ce petit homme de Kansas City, Missouri a montré avec Sugar Shane pour sceller l'accord avec l'éthique du travail ne nNose Blunted pour la vie YO!

Y luego atLast la noche ha caído sobre el campo de Skate ... todos los campistas tienen que dormir y soñar con futuros viajes a destinos fuera fer skateboarding.
Gute Nacht!

JPK's lost VHS Tape #1

A blast from the past!! Lost vhs taped tricks of Hermann's Hole's lead Maintenance dude, JP Kraus back in the day 10 years ago and more... This is all footy from san deigo, los angles, st louis, arizona, and where ever else we went back then... in this flick youll see a few tricks of garbage skateboarding and a few more.. enjoy! more to come.....

JPK LOST VHS FILE #1 from Hermann's Hole on Vimeo.

Thursday, July 14, 2011