Tuesday, August 17, 2010


915am flight outta STL-LAX... San Pedro by 12pm.. We ate some Mexican food of coarse then skated all Pedro's concrete...
Next we got a tip about a pool in LA, and just by good luck we drove right up to it with no problems.. It's a sweet left hand kidney !! Had a blast there and even met a skateboarder who lived in STL years ago.. sun was starting to go down so we went to the beach for a crowded ride on the new Venice park.. It was a good day to be in LA.

Soon I'll be in Germany scrubbing new crete and skateboarding too... Hermann is gonna have to wait till the the fall comes to cool off our Hole.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Last Summer Skate Next Week!!

The Hole is gonna be shut down for a few weeks or more as of next Friday August 13th. So that means Wed & Thursday will be the last chance for summer night dig/skate 2010!! Come out & put a shovel in the ground for a chance to ride this concrete jungle!! Also there will be some supervised WORK ONLY dates on the Sundays in August if you wanna come out & help dig out the new bowl pocket let us know!! (email: hermannshole@yahoo.com)

This fall is gonna be a good one for Hermann's Hole.... Starting September 7th Hermann will be insulating & adding on to the Skate Barn to prepare for winter.. We also will be very busy with pouring the new Mini-Bowl pocket & forming up the first neck of the snake run into the Pala Shallow!! If you thought what we already have is fun... Just come be a part of the next phase!!

Dr. Jones didn't earn his Hermann's Hole Membership just by grinding coping & skating fast... He put in many hours of shoveling & hammering first.... Come earn your Hermann's Hole Membership Card!!

See the dirt pile behind the grind?? Thats what needs to be shaped by shovel. Come get some!