Sunday, March 24, 2013



Snowed in Again!!??

Snow on the 3rd day of Spring?!?!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Nomads go to Big Hawaii!!!

New Years Big Island Trip!!!

Monday, March 11, 2013


On Friday night March 9th 2012 Rob Dixon paddled out in kayak on Indian Hills Lake near Cuba, Missouri... His kayak, paddle, and shoes were found the next morning, and his body was found floating 2 weeks later.... Rob was a builder, an artist, mason, a traveler, a skateboarder, and a contributing builder of spots such as Skatopia, St.Louis City Museum, Cement Land, Kings Highway, Hermann's Hole, also many other skateparks, ramps, D.I.Y. pools around the country... Robert was always down to help out his friends and family with a smile under his beard.... His travels, work & generosity are inspirational to all skaters who knew him. Even with a broken foot he would do concrete work all day and then tape it up and skate the next day..(shown here in the layback grind) All the best to Rob's family his brother Ed, and his many many friends.... His memory will live on forever in the concrete he finished and the blocks he set here in Hermann, and everywhere else he visited in his time here on earth...... A true friend he was... Thank you Rob..

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Wahre Inspiration

"Some members of "Minus Ramps" and "General Sherman´s Floats" have been on a road trip to exchange new building technics in future-oriented skateparks. In the first two weeks of february this year, areas like Los Angeles, San Diego and El Centro (USA) have been spotted for great sessions and the search for the ultimate ramp. On their way a lot of spots needed to be cleaned and fixed before the crew could get to work. During shreds Matt and Soup taped some motion pictures. For your pleasure here is a edit which shows what it takes to find the perfect ramp. Skateboarders are: Chad "JR" Leblanc, William "Soup" Campbell, Chris Cope, Landjunge "JP" Kraus, Old man Andy, Brendan Klein, Jamison Peil, Matt Grabowski, Sam Hitz, the shotcrete crew, Downless, General Sherman, Twister was there, Chris Cope and Chris Cope again.....those guys went down and got up back again. All modern building technologies base on the old 50´s swimming pools construct. A true inspiration, right?" Einen Artikel über diesen Roadtrip in Bildern findet man auf der CONFUSION MAG Seite.