Thursday, July 23, 2009

Frontside 5

Skate rock band outta Denver "Frontside 5" came through town the other day.. The drummer and guitarist got to skate Hermann's Hole just a few hours before playing a show in downtown St. Louis.

Good job dudes!!! Come back to Missouri anytime!!




Although if he had tried to stay on the concrete slab he would've made it.... OOPS!!

May, 8th 2009

Gorilla Grinds and Grabs.. Another pile of pics from the Hole.

Skateboarding rules.

Going bigger all the time.

Hermann's Hole part 1 "The Awakening" from Hermann's Hole on Vimeo.

More from the past in the future....

SOUP'S 33 YEARS YOUNG!! Saturday, August 1st 2009

For all who doesn't know Soup he's the guy who comes all the way out from San Diego to St. Louis, wrecking shop in the Hermann's Hole Valley about 6 times a year.. He has contributed massively to the skateboarding community in San Diego, St. Louis, Hawaii, Cachagua, Maryland, Atlanta, and everywhere else he's been in the world... Originally from O'Fallon, Mo, He has been rolling around the globe killing everything in sight for the past 10 years at least.

Soup may just happen to be here in St. Louis this year for just a few days around his 33rd birthday, and he has decided to spend an evening at the Missouri jungle bowl.

Hermann's Hole Bowl skate & create August, 1st!!

DON'T BLOW IT!! This is not some crazy party!! Come with good vibes, and a kid friendly attitude... We're all just old men having fun on our wooden toys. No glass bottles, and certinaly no guns!! And as always take your trash with you when you leave.

This may be the last chance to ride Hermann's Hole for the summer... It's gonna be getting hot around these parts, and Hermann is going out of town for the month of August.

Soup's still shredding tools, schools, pools, and fools at age 33 years.

Come skate & bring your work shoes too....Evening & night.. August 1st 2009 RSVP krauterstein@yahoo.com FOR INFO

Monday, July 20, 2009

King's Highway needs you!!

Another concrete ramp is only about 50 bags away!! If you wanna help go to the kingshighway bridge skate plaza and donnate bags of concrete on the pallet between the bank to wall and quarter pipe.

good job st. louis!!

Deck the walls.. a cool summer nights work/sesh.

we skated and created last weekend during the pleasantly surprising Missouri summer weather. 50F at night and 70F in the day with almost no humidity!!! It was paradise compared to the previous work/skate sesh. Here are some images captured from this time zone.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hermann's Greatest Hits

A random pile of pics from the past year in the valley of the Hole bowl.

Back in the day I skated to work... Now I work to skate.

What have you done for skateboarding lately?

Piano Keys

In between rain storms Soup went out to the Hole and mortar dropped red brick coping blocks on the new corner pocket... They still need to be grouted, and a deck poured behind before we can safely skate it. Don't wanna break those keys off too soon. Looks good!!