Saturday, August 22, 2009

Jeremiah Risk is constantly trucking across America!!

Mr. Jeremiah Risk is a 36 year old SoCal shredder that has been truck driving from coast to coast riding all transitional concrete, wood, skatelite, and heavy metal in his path for many years. He parked his rig in a Missouri a pit stop at Hermann's Hole last week for a few long grinds on the new bricks, and a roll in the bowl.
Backside 50-50 roll in over the deathbox and all the way around. Truck driving and skateboarding are quite a good combo if done correctly.. I'd say this skateboarding truck driver has it down. extra clip...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hermann Hood

Stealing from the rich to build things for skateboarding.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

5 hours in Amsterdam

We took a rainy day break from the skate park building the other day... It was just under a 2 hour train ride to Amsterdam so Soup and JP rode in for Breakfast, a walk in the park, and a skate in the bowl. It was a blasting 5 hours in an ancient yet futuristic city.

Somebody lost a breakfast at the skate park just before we arrived.

Bucket out your dingy fool!!

Holland is very busy... I think we pissed off lots of tourists by our high speed brick skating through quiet neighborhoods.

Stoned out front side rock & roller

Masons were here.

Hermann's Hole Decks

Back in April of 2009 the poor decision was made to get these decks produced by Natural Manufacturing outta North Carolina... 1st of all the order never came in full and what did come was weeks late... 30 of 100 decks arrived with a shipping charge of $325!! This Butch Maultsby the owner of Natural MFG charged the Hermann's Hole account for this ridiculous shipping cost without consent and never answered emails or phone calls... EVER!! Also of the 30 decks we did get 20 were the wrong color!! So in many attempts to resolve this matter Butch still never got back with answers until months later when his bank contacted him with disputes from our bank.. At that time he contacted Hermann's Hole asking "what was wrong with the product?" as if he had even sent the product, and not just deducted $3000 dollars from our account... Then went into hiding.
Mr. Maultsby, What happened dude? You could've just told me what was going on... Now you're not to be trusted along with the rest of your unorganized skateboard company... In the future Hermann's Hole decks will be quality from and honest manufacturer. No thanks Butch!!

EJ goes frontside hammer grab on a Hermann's Hole deck in a NC ramp... Thanks for representing duder!! Hopefully this post will not get you in trouble with your crew.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Builders of the Night.. The Witching hours.

What strange things are happening to King's Highway during these dark times?

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Land Junge en Deutchland

Two of Hermann's builders are missing and have gone to Germany for Minus Ramps & Pools!!

Construction ein Dusseldorf for hammer staken, setting rebars all days long, and sweating up asses all days longs. It's OK because we camping in the park after dark and having showers in die ping pong lounge.. But pliers for wire tie was different so we learn die zangen.. Plus everything is in metric meters but we workings now for Minus points so this does not matter. Preparations for concrete at die 1st Dusseldorf concrete skatepark are now almost finished and hubba ledge to euro gaps ein complete!! Then we break taken die ausfart to metal bowl factory in the wharehausen districts of Dusseldorf was uber good.

The crew also skated every skateable piece within Minus vans reach of western Germany... Smashing all faces who gets ein our way!!

Soup goes uber die stairs in every pool every time no matters hows fasts ors slows he goes...

Germany now has many bowls, ramps, and parks for skateboarding thanks to Minus Pools & Ramps.

Uber thanks to Matt and Ullie Grobowski for the German hospitality.. Best wishes to your future projects!!