Monday, March 22, 2010

Pools of the past revisited....

Hermann's Hole would not be the deep poolish bowl it is today if it were not for our west coast pool skating roots.

On a recent field study Hermann's Hole locals traveled west to rediscover these old holes they rode years ago to see what they look like today.

It was discovered that these pits had not been fully maintained, and were in need of a little spring cleaning.

One old round wall lair was excavated, and thoroughly disected.

Samples were collected, and dead animal carcases were found along with over 100 boulders.

Pools come & go.... Some easy & some hard.

Some pools even come back again, and again, long after they're gone.

Sadly most of these pools will never be skated in again.

Durability was tested, and approved for now.

Pool skating is the best form of skateboarding.